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Recruiting sites for a PEM CRC multi-center study on infant Acute Otitis Media

Dr. Andrea T Cruz
Dr. Son McLaren, MD
Dr Peter Dayan

Dr. Son McLaren, Dr. Andrea Cruz, and Dr. Peter Dayan are actively recruiting sites to participate in a PEM CRC-endorsed study. The goal of this retrospective chart review study is to determine the risk of bacteremia and adverse events in afebrile infants 90 days and younger with clinically-diagnosed acute otitis media (AOM). This question is of interest to ED physicians because while AOM is an uncommon diagnosis in this age group, once the diagnosis has been made, there is dearth of evidence available to guide clinical care. If bacteremia and adverse events are rare in a large sample of this population, ED physicians may be more comfortable obtaining fewer diagnostic tests.

Look for informational sheets which were distributed through the PEM CRC listserv. If you are interested, please e-mail Dr. McLaren ( to obtain more information and to complete an online survey.

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