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Recruiting sites for a PEM CRC multi-center study on The Pediatric Submersion Score


Dear PEM CRC Investigators,

Dr. Rohit P Shenoi, MD, is now recruiting sites for his study entitled, “The Pediatric Submersion Score – a tool to identify and manage children at low risk for submersion injury.” This retrospective chart review study has 2 specific aims.

Specific Aim 1. Derive and validate a prior scoring tool that was developed to identify pediatric victims of submersions who are at low risk of injury and who could be discharged from the ED eight hours after submersion

Specific Aim 2. Determine the utility of the chest radiograph (CXR) at ED presentation in predicting safe discharge at 8 hours among pediatric victims of submersions who are at low risk of injury

Concern for delayed respiratory distress and lack of evidence-based guidelines has led to variation in management of the well-appearing child with submersion injury. Patients may be admitted to hospital as a precaution. At our center, we recently derived and validated a submersion score to identify a cohort of pediatric submersion victims at low risk for submersion injury who can be discharged from the ED after a period of observation. However, these results need to be verified in a larger, more representative population.


Methods: This is a retrospective study which involves the collection of ED and hospital clinical and radiologic data, EMS and child fatality information of pediatric victims of unintentional submersions for the years 2010-2017. Medical charts of the subjects will also be reviewed for return ED visits within 7 days of ED/hospital discharge. Deaths will need to be verified through the Child Fatality Review Team or Medical Examiner’s office.

The study will entail minimal risk since it will involve the collection of retrospective medical data.  Data will be pooled using the Baylor College of Medicine RedCAP system through Data Use Agreements.  It is hoped that the study will be completed in 2 years.

If you or your site is interested in participating, please e-mail Rohit Shenoi ( with your name and institution e-mail address, and I will send you more details. If multiple people are interested at a single site, please provide only one contact name/e-mail.

We hope that you will consider joining us for this exciting study.

Rohit Shenoi

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