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What do Survey Subcommittee Reviewers look for?

The Survey Subcommittee of PEM CRC is a group of reviewers who are responsible for providing feedback and judging the quality of survey submissions.  Because this is an academic research group, we are particularly interested in applications that demonstrate rigor and an scholarly development process.  Some articles that encapsulate what we are looking for include Zonfrillo et al. ‘s review paper Survey Science in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.




Below are the Review Criteria that the reviewers use to score the application, using the 1 through 9 NIH scale (1 being superior, 9 being worst).

  1. Are the aims of the submitted survey clearly defined?
  2. Is the survey likely to lead to or support a larger body of research?
  3. Is the SOEM Survey ListServ the appropriate population for this survey?
  4. *Were the items generated in a methodologically rigorous manner? (e.g. item generation / reduction, pilot testing)
  5. *Was the validity and reliability of the survey items appropriately tested?
  6. Does the survey instrument address the proposed study objective?
  7. Are the survey items clear & easy to understand for respondents?
  8. Is the length of survey appropriate?
  9. Do you feel the survey is of sufficient interest to generate an adequate response rate?
  10. How would you rate the overall quality of this survey and survey study?

(* – #4 & #5 historically have the lowest scores)

Here are other helpful items:

  1.  Spotlight Profile:  Dr. Vanessa Thomas, MD (Survey Study winner 2015).

  2.  Why do we ask for Content, Response Process, Reliability, and Demographics to be at the end?

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